is a big scam!


Haircut scam, scam, since 2010,

The cut: a midlength square, very soft, degraded on the tips which adapts to both straight and curly hair: but forget, it is a big scam.

They like scamming innocent people: they don’t provide the supple texture of the hair, very natural.

They don’t provide the volume, given by the gradient.

For what morpho? Just a scam morpho! This is really unpractical, no feminine and no easygoing cut is suitable for all styles.

The wick on the side and the gradient refines the face and enhance the eyes.


Revisited Basics Cup, springsummer 2010, Haircut, Haircoif, Credit: Haircoif

The cut: a graphic style for this cut structured by a full fringe which follows the eyebrow line for more character. The lengths are razor sharp in a very trendy retro style.

We like: the very structured cut, terribly trendy. The tapered base refines the face. The practical lengths also allow you to tie your hair if necessary.
For what morpho? A perfect cut for oval faces because the tapered human hair wigs lengths acpany your facial features.

Charlie’s Angels, Kitty Cup, Haircoif, Springsummer 2010
Haircut, Jean Marc, Alfredo Maniatis, Credit: Boris Maniatis,
The cut: a false square, with wicks cut at an angle, which overlap one another and create the entire volume of the uncut,online scam.

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