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Your Data. Anywhere. Anytime. All the Time. No Matter What.
DataStax empowers you to build data-driven applications that set the standard for performance, availability, and scale.

Open Source Innovators
DataStax is the leading code contributor and supporter of Apache Cassandra™.

Hybrid And Multi-Cloud Architecture
The only database capable of transparently running on-premises, across multiple clouds, and in a hybrid fashion.

Easy For Developers
SQL-like language and a database engine that does nearly all the heavy lifting for you.

How DataStax Delivers Today, Tomorrow and Beyond
DataStax brings you the ultimate hybrid cloud deployment flexibility, enabling you to build killer apps by making Apache Cassandra easy and enterprise-ready.

Database Done Right in the Cloud
Built, used, and open-sourced by cloud pioneers like Amazon, Facebook, and Google, Apache Cassandra™ and DataStax are the most battle-tested and proven cloud database technologies on the planet.

Runs anywhere—on any cloud, across clouds, in any datacenter, and in every possible combination of each.
Delivers the ultimate in cloud database deployment flexibility, scale and freedom.
Exploits all the technical benefits of the cloud while also supplying an attractive pricing model.

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